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Brick wall syndrome?

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13 hours ago, Daniele Giovanni said:

Every thing has come to a halt, where is the urgency to get new players in? 7 days nothing, I'm sure he (DM) knows who he wants, could it be that DC has applied the brakes for now? Portsmouth game is a few weeks away, we should at least be 75% complete by now, any way what do I know? I've only got blue and white blood in my veins

Sounds like you need to go to Hospital.

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Never going to get business done early while ever we have the ridiculous situation of a  transfer window open for more than a month into the season. Lots of deals will be done late in August as panic sets in.

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13 hours ago, fpowl said:

Our starting 11 is strong enough to start the season now and that’s a great place to be 

And...unlike last season when we were searching for a system that works we have one in place and are recruiting players to fit that system instead of shoe horning people in...I'm sure there are a few more in the pipeline...relax peeps


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12 hours ago, Fablon Dunlop said:

No rush, not when you've already signed a handful of proven quality. Frankly, we've been spoiled rotten so far. 


The next few weeks we'll see another handful of signings. Fully expect us to sign Wilks in the coming days, despite the obstacles. 


Calm down, all is good. Wednesday are on the right track and Mr. Moore is doing the business as quickly as he can. 

While I'm not going to panic, I would have liked to have got another one of our cb targets, even if its a backup/sqaud player rather than the big signings over the line. Mainly becouse we've let Brennan go out on loan leaving us a little light in that department and a injury /knock or two may disrupt our pre season preparations a little and being forced to shuffle the pack. 

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