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Ronaldo Wanting To Leave Man U

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I actually don’t think Ronaldo gets enough credit for the way he’s transformed his career. He’s basically become an old fashioned goal poacher. Players used to make a career out of where Ronaldo’s game is at now, and he’s one of the all time greats at it. Not by accident either, he’s turned himself into that in his 30’s. 

He is a ridiculous man and a true great. But he’s 37 now. He’s not going to be pressing or tracking back. He is what he is and you know what he brings, and that “old fashioned goal poacher” role he’s one of the worlds best at barely exists in the modern game. He’s a conundrum that Manchester United weren’t set up to fix and that Ten Hag can do without.


I don’t think anybody should be concerned about Haaland. I think he’s going to prove very quickly that he’s a do-it-all player. 

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