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Harry the Owl

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(Mods: Not sure if I am in the right part of the World of Owlstalk but here we go...)


I was at B******* L*** last night to watch my lad's mate boxing in one of those white collar boxing events.


The place livened up a bit when one of the boxers was introduced to the crowd as "Harry the Owl".


Said person then strode through the crowd and into the ring brandishing a 5' x 3' Sheffield Wednesday flag.


Interestingly enough, he got loads of cheers from the crowd suggesting that we were there in numbers.


If you are Harry the Owl, make yourself known and take a bow.


Takes guts to chuck yourself into a boxing ring let alone when the ring is the last place on the planet you would be seen dead. I recall that Harry the Owl didn't lose either.


Me? I am a coward... I borrowed the wife's car because I've got one those "special" number plates. Didn't fancy having to walk home after my car had been turned over and burnt to the ground in the S2 car park.


Anybody else out there who can meet terror and certain death by simply waving an Owls' flag?

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