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8 hours ago, helmut_rooster said:

Brilliant player, loved him at Hillsborough 

No doubt. One of the best players to play for the Owls. It just a shame to see the clear and obvious thirst for work, with false gestures.


Hope he gets a chance of course. Just looks a little desperate at the minute.

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10 hours ago, Kopparberg said:

It looks desperate but he also seems a bit like ‘our’ Carlos, who wants to travel around the world, work for a season, get some cash and move on

Seems like a good life ....

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14 hours ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

Part of the BCMC 

Bradford City mercenary crew 

So much so that he was one of the only ones that didn’t push for e money owed to him when they had financial problems 

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