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KYLE JOSEPH is on his way to SWFC

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On 29/06/2022 at 15:02, s29wfc said:

So we identify a player who may improve the squad and because that player isn't a CB then we shouldn't try to sign him? Like I said do we have to do the signings in a particular order ? How do you know we aren't already lining up more deals for CB's in the background? As for not needing another striker, I think you're way off the mark, we've got Gregory and Smith and nothing much else, Windass is more of a 10. Then we're left with Paterson and Sow who with no disrespect I don't want anywhere near a starting 11.

Really depends on the budget. If we can afford to bring this player in AND some others, why not? But if we are going to have to ghet one less player we NEED more, then we should hold off. 


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21 hours ago, Spuddy01 said:

Well played sir 🤣👏👏


On 30/06/2022 at 07:29, hirstysfags said:

Deserves a lot of credit, this!


On 30/06/2022 at 16:12, gazzatheowl said:

I was think only fools and horses. This is great though.



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On 01/07/2022 at 11:58, Tommy Crawshaw said:

Spent the first half of last season on loan at Cheltenham. 4 goal in 19 apps.


Played against us at their place and didn't stand out.


Back at Swansea for the 2nd half of the season and made 10 apps., all as sub and 0 goals.


I can't see him being a regular starter for us.

He had just turned 20 when he went out to Cheltenham last season. Featured in every game, starting 13 and 6 off the bench.


That sounds very promising for such a young player.




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7 hours ago, Toadie said:

Hello mate - will seem random after a few days have gone past this but a friend ended up down a rabbit hole and sent it to me - I’m doing a late night clear-out some emails.


For future reference, when a journalist says that something is ‘reported’ to have happened / happening, they’re not trying to take credit for it or claim it as their own story, they’re.. well.. saying it has been reported. Example below 👍


Will usually include a link to the original story too - as it does below. And it’ll probably mention the very fact that it’s someone else’s story in the article itself - as it does below.


In fact, it seems I’ve taken every possible step to make it absolutely clear I’m not trying to take credit for the story at all.


Sorry to be aggy but being accused of plagiarism is a big deal in this racket.


No offence taken. Cheers 👍




It's not as if it has EXCLUSIVE on it. I think it's fairly well reported.


Great to see a right to reply working in this manner too. Big up Alex! 


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16 minutes ago, Swfcsi said:

Good point Alex even if I did after look up what some of the big words mean lol

What did you do before you looked them up?

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56 minutes ago, Beauchief Owl said:

I think this thread title can now be branded the most misleading of the year.


First day on Owlstalk? 



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Could be a good addition if he can also play wingback...  I would hope though we would look at signing the player or at least a loan with an option to sign him, there is a reason teams want to loan out players this young and its to get experience because they make mistakes, which is fine when its our own players developing that we can benefit from..

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