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Wednesday goals 21/22

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Bannan is brilliant, I hope we find a way to cryogenically de-age him and sign him on for 20 years.

Palmer is underrated, more presence than I realised, and his goal was striker quality.

Adeniran scored and created a lot before the injury, hope to have him back. His looping 18 yard volley against Ipswitch is brilliant, very overlooked goal. 

Patterson is underappreciated.

Corbeanu was involved a lot less than I thought.

We scored from crosses waaaaaaaaaaay more than I remember. Keeping Hunt is better news than I realised.

Windass double volley overlooked goal as well.

If we ever get a set-piece of any kind, just get Dunkley at the back post for a free goal.

Not sure why so many of us are happy that NML is leaving...very good on the attack.

Johnson...reyt signing.

Byers can score a header at any angle.

Burton's defending is inspiring to behold.

We scored 78 goals all season, only 4 penalties.

I hope things work out for Berahino, clearly has some talent.

For the first time ever I prefer our home kit with white shorts over black, still cant make me mind up about the pink away.


12:51. You're welcome.







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