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SWFC v England Rugby League

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If it was Eng v Aus, NZ or PNG maybe it would be moved.


Really looking forward to the WC by the way, anyone who is not convinced by Super League should check out the NRL on weekend mornings on Sky.


Its the State of Origin game tomorrow at 10am, unbelievably high level of sport (even if you’re not a rugby fan)

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27 minutes ago, IanSWFC1867 said:

Two big games in the same city on the same day at the same time, can’t see police allowing it, can you?

What would be the problem,  is there bad blood between Burton football fans and Greek rugby league followers 🤔?.

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My interest in Rugby League (or Union for that matter) is such that I wasn't aware there was a World Cup being played in England let alone Sheffield this year.

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