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Best wishes for next season

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I hope you Owls don’t mind me posting here - I expect you’ll let me know in typical Yorkshire terms if you do.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Wednesday/Hillsborough, although I’ve only seen us lose to you there - a 5-0 (or 5-1) pasting when ex-player Brian Usher haunted us, and a 1-0 defeat in 1973 when I believe Peter Rodrigues got the only goal. I’ve had better luck with cup semi-finals though, with two wins to balance out those two defeats.


I will be following your progress next season with interest and hoping you do not follow the same pathway as us in having to endure four seasons of disappointment in what, surprisingly to many of our fans but not to me, is a tough league with a lot of teams who can raise their game and make it tough and ugly. It took us three and a half years to match other teams ‘game-management’ tactics - I know some of your fans were very critical of us in this respect in the second leg of the playoffs but it’s a fact of life in this league and I hope you don’t fall victim to it by always trying to win with ‘nice’ football. 

From the outside it looks like you are investing well in your squad. Let’s hope you get a decent run without lots of injuries. Do you have good ‘utility players’ in your squad to compensate if you find yourselves short in certain positions (players like Gooch and O’Nien for example)?


Let’s hope we are playing each other in the Championship in 23/24 (assuming we can stay up, which I think we will). 

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