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Wayne Rooney leaves Wayne Rooneys Derby County

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Massive respect for Derby county fans and I feel for them. 


From our point of view it’s good news to see a potential major rival struggling to get sorted in time for the new season.  

If Derby have any decent young players then surely we should be looking to put some bids in,  along with the rest of the country .  

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I reckon the EFL have rung him and said look Wayne we can't be really nasty to Wayne Rooneys  Derby so can you  leave please?

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Big blow for them that and it suddenly puts a dampener on what seemed a happier day. He would’ve been a draw for players at this level and the media follows him about though.


He must know he won’t work a miracle next season and wants out whilst his rep is decent 

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5 minutes ago, 114mphAndRising said:

Good news that I cos I reckon despite their financial situation Rooney could still have attracted some decent loans etc with his contacts and reputation. Fingers crossed for a terrible managerial appointment now….

We could send them Moore 

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