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Matches you've been to abroad

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I'm a paid up member at Lazio.


Been to 8 or 9 games in total. Last one before the pandemic was Inter away at the San Siro in September 2019. Finally managed to get back post covid and watched the draw 3-3 with Verona at the end of May at the Olimpico. 


Met a good few lads over there now, so I don't have to go on my own these days. 


Absolutely love it. I'd go every week if I could. 

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16 hours ago, Flat Owl said:

Also done Maritimo vs Porto.

Was out for a run on holiday in Madeira once and just went in Maritimo's stadium and ran round the pitch. There was no one around. 

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1 hour ago, Ever the pessimist said:


Challenge yourself next time: run up to the Nacional ground. Probably least accessible ground in the world 😄

It was 30 years ago mate. It's a challenge to get up out of my chair these days!

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On 24/06/2022 at 13:30, IWEDFM said:

When I was younger I visited Austria quite often as I have family there. I remember going to see Austria Vienna vs Marseille in the Ernst Happel Stadium. It was a Champions League qualifier. Marseille won the match 1-0 and it wasn't until a few years ago when I checked  back through the line ups from that night did I realise a certain Didier Drogba came on as a late sub. A complete unknown at the time. Also went to Austria vs Germany at the same ground a year later. It was a friendly and Kevin Kuranyi (remember him?) hit a hat-trick


In the 80's I lived in Vienna for a while and saw a few Austria Wien games at the Praterstadion. One that stands out was a pre season friendly with Bayern Munich, Karl Heinz Rummenigge gave a masterclass and scored 4 I think. He was a fantastic player and I saw him play a few times for Bayern. Once against Dortmund at the old Olympic stadium.


Saw Rapid a few times as well and Hans Krankl, another top striker and a legend of Rapid.


Also seen Dortmund at home and a few more German games. Schalke v Koln at the old stadium in Gelsenkirchen. That was tasty, they don't like each other.

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Went to Barca v  Atletico  Madrid in January.


Game finished 4-2 to Barca, great experience. Always look for games whilst away but generally nothing much mid week.


Roma, Sparta Prague, Ajax & Wisla Krakow we’re all away when we were there.



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Went to see Inter vs Sampdoria in 2005.


Won 1-0 garbage game in a half full San Siro, they were playing Ajax midweek on the CL though so that may have had something to do with it.


The main highlight was Recoba missing an absolute sitter in front of a basically empty goal that even Kim Olsen would have scored.

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On 25/06/2022 at 19:12, Señor Sam said:

Portland vs Vancouver. 


Seattle vs Vancouver


Great atmosphere both games, strangely Portland game had periods of aggro. Most unusual for ' Merican games.


What are American matches like?


I always get the impression that it's more of a day out rather than a passion for them

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Good question,

No they are all passionate, love the game.


Portland and Seattle are as passionate as any fans on earth.  Very vociferous, orchestrated tifosi displays etc.

Their supporters clubs are organized and meet ups pre game and marching to the ground en masse  are all pre planned


LAFC 3252 are probably the best supporters on the continent.

Russian Warship.... Go fxxk yourselves.

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