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Matchday prices announced

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2 minutes ago, Beighton Owl 87 said:

Seem to be same prices as last year. Not sure they needed to add an extra category though. Reward for another season in league one - pay extra for first game of the season lol

In this league they are all catagory D

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45 minutes ago, Baldrick said:

Assuming members discount will be £5 as last year 

Not sure we need some many categories yet again 



Did we even use any category other than A and B last season i think fleetwood may have been the only one.


Why we just cant have the same price every game just seems too simple not to use.

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1 minute ago, thewookieisdown said:

£20 at York City in Nat League one last season. £21 for Halifax in the conference this coming season. The pricing strategies in the past haven't always been great but there are some unrealistic expectations sometimes.

We also had 15,000 empty seats because £25-30 is too much for walk up fans to attend watching watch division 3 football.


£20 is plenty for division 3 football.

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