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Moore / Chansiri

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1 hour ago, Luke said:

Ye and Ronaldo signed with Man U because he wanted to play under Ole 🤣

Whats Ronaldo, Man U and Ole got to do with (some) players being impressed by a chat with Moore such that it sways their thinking if they’ve got multiple offers? Irrelevant comparison.


Not everyone is solely driven by money. You might be, but many people, including a few footballers, take other factors into account. I don’t understand why you can’t see that it’s a possibility that Moore might have had an influence on bringing players to Wednesday when they have better (I.e. in a higher league) offers from elsewhere. Unless you’re blinded by money.

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44 minutes ago, Luke said:

And that was 19 years ago 


What the hell does that have to do with Ronaldo signing with man u under ole 


Ronaldo resigned for man u purely down to money (and can do no wrong there)


Just like the two rotherham lads have signed for us is down to money 


Anyone whose thinking there's other reasons are delusional 


Nobody signes purley because of money. 

There is always the consideration of family, career opportunites or just a work/live balance.


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Very strange this thread. 


Believe me. Footballers at even our league one level. don't judge a move based on family and security. 


They want to win things and they have their own agenda. 

Did Gary madine sign for sheff utd cos he wanted security?

Or was it so he could get back on ******** with a few lads in Sheffield ?


The two toytown lads got offered more money. 


They will have spoken to DM and he will have explained how they fit in. 




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