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Rotherham lads

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Just now, Inspector Lestrade said:


House prices shot up after you left.


Another joke ..... no it's not 


Yeah it is.   


The suspense tho eh?


Wouldn't be difficult.  I bought my first house for £21k. Thinking back at all the effort that went into that mortgage application,  you could put that amount on a credit card now.

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My brother once sat and explained to me that he had watched a documentary about monkeys who were in danger, because scientists, working for the black market, were amputating the monkeys arms and attaching them to human amputees who had lost their own arms.


Despite my efforts to convince him with variations on the theme of "Neil, don't be so stupid. That wouldn't even work. Was this a parody?" He was convinced and absolutely serious. At one point, I recall he even said "Poor monkeys. What sort of world do we live in?"


After a while, I spoke to his wife. She told me he had been drunk and stayed up that night and had, in all likelihood, dreamt it. 


Since then, if I hear any nonsense or lies, I always refer to it as 'monkey arms'.



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Just now, Animis said:

I couldn't see Smith and Gregory starting together. 

Think we will be looking to get someone with a bit of pace up top.

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2 minutes ago, OriginalAlien said:

Old news. @Owl66 told us this last night, please keep up 😉


Next is the Brazilian defender, BELIEVE!

To be fair a lot was shooting him down he offered to put his money where his mouth in 


and he’s called it, he was even confident after our journalist got stung by that other reporter claiming they had both signed for Rotherham 


so yeah I’m fully behind this Brazilian super star coming Cb coming in 

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5 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

We will never ever get Ikiwi/ Hikawe/Ikanumu's name right on here if he signs.


Wonder if he'd mind being called Dave.

If it’s right I can’t wait to hear Brian Laws getting his tongue around that (oooh errr missus) name on RS.


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