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Mendez laing to leave after rejecting New Deal

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A lot of people thought he was an outlet when played as an emergency striker, and had we used out and out wingers or winger forwards he would have had a much better season.


That being said he is gone now, so good bye and good luck, I couldnt give a monkeys about Twitter and such bollix but it was clear he was a square peg being shoved into round holes.  Did his best but the move didnt work out, best for him and us that he moves on.

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Just now, Shetland Owl said:

had one good game

One terrific one and a few tidy ones before tailing off IMO. Ineffective up front but that's not his position and an injury didn't help but his early form had started to fade before either of them.

All in all not sorry that he's gone.

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Not sure I entirely agree with everyone here. I think that he was a player who maybe could have been a regular starter in the side if he'd stayed. He's probably better suited to a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1, but even in a 3-4-1-2 he could be effective. If he'd have fancied, for instance the right side (where Hunt played) and had preseason to work at it and build fitness,  I'd expect we'd have got far more goals and assists from him than Hunt. Yes we may have conceded more, but not sure if it would have been so bad if he'd grown into that role and given lots of game time. I know people will argue he didn't chase back once, but I didn't see a tendancy from him to "not try", I actually saw a player who at times scared the opposition. Also, he could be a bit of a game changer and you need a few of them. We move on though 

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