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Nathan Trudges Away... See ya and Thanks

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Had his moments and sometimes looked threatening, also had his lapses. A decent player on his day but in my opinion not consistent enough. Hopefully we'll get a suitable replacement, someone like Anderson, Wilks or Barkhuizen would be ideal and an exciting replacement, if we play to their strengths. 

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1 minute ago, Portia said:

Not a team player, couple of occasions I saw him receive verbal from Johnson for being selfish on the ball. Both times NML just smiled and shrugged at him. 


Always had the feeling they didn't get on, the positive body language (which is all I have) between them seemed lacking.  

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Good player when played in his tight position as an attacking winger 


he’s never been one for the defensive side of the game that’s someone else job 


did a job at wing back but made him look average 

never been a centre  forward 


As a winger he’ll be missed and  going into next season particularly if we’re going for game or chasing it I can see us going to more wingers than wing backs and that’s his strength 


for me and they way we play we will always be a squad player often played out of position so it’s not really a huge miss 


out of the four offered contracts there’s only hint and luongo I really wanted to sign so we’re 50% there 


I do think some of the comments on him are unjust abs a bit embarrassing 


he’s still going to take some replacing because as a winger there’s not many better at this level and he was one of our only players that offered pace, directness and could drive into the box or get a ball in 


this leaves us needing 3 wide players now in my opinion 


so still 9 players to sign 


it’s going to take some time to jel again this squad 

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