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Premier League freebies for SWFC

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Decent article.

FYI - I watched a lot of Woodburn last season and I don’t rate him at all.

He clearly has some ability to have been on Liverpool’s books but he didn’t show it often and his application is severely lacking. He was on the bench for Klopp last season for the league game at Norwich, Hearts thought they’d got another transfer coup signing him (like Simms and Baningime) but the laddie had 2 decent games playing in a team full of players who were playing well.


Woodburn had the opportunity to earn a deal at Hearts who have to build a much bigger squad this preseason to compete domestically and in group stage European football. Hearts will be signing a lot of players this summer. The fact that the club haven’t offered him a deal after playing 30 odd games says it all. Avoid

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This is where I’m hoping our scouts abs recruitment team have done their jobs 


Got their ear to ground known about them coming available and started the talks 


I’m saying all this that they have also identified them as players who can go straight into the first team improving them and being at the ability to play 40 plus’s games and challenge for automatic promotion 


I think we could possibly take a player for the bench in a cm role especially if luongo signs but we really should be looking at first team regulars 

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14 hours ago, Utah Owl said:

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Maybe now is the time for us to do that.


George Hirst anyone? :ph34r:WTF:

George Hirst would be a top signing for us. Keep banging the drum. I know it wont happen but would be a class signing.


However going from this list I agree i would love to see us try to sign 5 or 6 of these lads. Think its the way to go. Lets say we signed 6 of them.... there not all gonna work out i agree but imagine if 3 of the 6 do, youngsters that develop and we either A get promotion or B sell them for a decent amount of money !!!


Looking at that list of @YesWeCrann George MaEacrhan, Max Haygarth and Reece Devine would be smart signings. Akos Anodi would probably be hard with the work permit issues but if Dawson leaves would be a decent signing although i suspect with the young keepers we have this wont be pursued. Woodburn would be a gamble but still has time to realise his potential and Thierno Ballo would be a brilliant signing. 

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