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Moore doesn’t seem to trust younger players

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1 hour ago, CircleSeven said:

Nonsense. I’ve recently obtained a secret photo of some of our promising youngsters just getting integrated with the main squad….


It will definitely bring the average age down…




Who photoshopped out the crutches?

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Foolish maintaining such an ageing squad given that we play two games a week most weeks.  Fitness has played a big part in our lack of consistency in recent seasons, he appears to have learnt nothing from last season so I’ll say it again for the umpteenth time, Moore won’t get us promoted as long as he’s an hole in his ass.  Signing ageing players, putting too much emphasis on opposing teams and no plan B is not a recipe for promotion.

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good young players usually cost money so they only way to get them in is on loan as i expect we'll do before the season starts ......its ridiculous to suggest that moore doesnt trust them judging on who he signed last season 

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Hard balance


Many young players clubs gamble on don’t make the grade especially immediately. odd ones go on to be sold for money. 

For a club and fan base demanding promotion, youth isn’t where you’d hedge your bets as a manager, tried and proven mainly is. 

Maybe if we fail to get promoted a couple of times our philosophy may change due to more financial constraints, which would then lower expectations potentially and allow that approach. 


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5 minutes ago, Mick70 said:

Bet he’d love to give young ones a chance….unfortunately the pressure from the top to go up is too much for a slow build 

Agree. Any SWFC manager, managing us in the third tier has massive pressure from all quarters to get results immediately - very few clubs have a genuine long term strategy.

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8 hours ago, Siggijonsson said:

When Moore joined I thought we would at least develop a more balanced squad in terms of age. You do need experienced players (Bannan etc) but it needs balancing with the energy and enthusiasm of younger players. Plus as a player ages it is only natural they become more injury prone. However, 1 1/2 years on the average age of our current first team must still one of the oldest in the division. For example, probably our strongest current first team 11 (assuming Moore again goes for the 3-5-2 system) has an average age of of exactly 30 (see below)


Gk - Stockdale (36)

Cd - Palmer (30)

Cd - Heneghan (28)

Cd - Iorfa (26)

Rwb - Hunt (31)

Lwb - Johnson (31)

Dm - Luongo (29) - if he stays

Cm - Byers (26)

Am - Bannan (32)

St - Windass (28)

St - Gregory (33)


I realise the transfer window still has a long way to go but just a look at the recent transfers and gossip.  We are linked to Rotherham’s 30 year old striker Smith, whereas today Barnsley sign a good young player like Luca Connell (21) on a free transfer from Celtic.  Only one of these players has the potential to develop further so that they are a good championship player if we should go up and/or potentially bring in a good future transfer fee (and it’s not Smith). 
The current transfer policy does seems very short term(ist), it doesn’t help us financially (as we never get fees for any of our leaving players) and finally It seems to be driven by Moore who prefers older experienced players (like many of his predecessors). A worried Owls fan


Now isn’t the time to judge. Let’s wait until he finished his recruitment before we give our opinion on this one. 

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Other than Lukuhay. Who did it in a detrimental way. Moore has been the most consistent manager when it comes to bringing through youth players. The younger signings will come later in the window once squads start to settle down.

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Times change ………… Better training methods, diet, overall fitness, attitude & medical advances have all played a part in extending an athlete’s career ………… It’s not long since we used to revel in the stories of Wednesday legend’s drinking habits & nightclub antics ….. A ruptured ACL was career ending even in the 90’s …………Bazza &  Lee Gregory are perhaps the best example’s we have ………….. We live in different times… We need to stop judging today’s footballer’s by yesterday’s standards!

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