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Looked good when he first got fit then flattered to deceive a lot of the time? Always got the ability to change a game and do something different but 1 in 4/5/6 games is t enough? Be a good squad player but really think we’d get better for the wages he’ll probably want now?

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More accurately neither player was happy with the contract offer based on their respective inputs


If Man U paid Pogba £0 over 3 years their still overpaying him given his pay vs performances since signing from Juventus. 


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I like NML as when he's played in the right position with a remit to attack he's tricky at this level and can score and create. But we are a L1 club and we have to cut our cloth accordingly even if we are still one of the highest payers in the league. So it's all about comparative return on any investment you make in a player. I think we saw it in patches with him, I think we would have seen more value if he had been played in the right position but if we believe we can find a replacement with a better value/return then we have to go for it.


Likewise, I don't blame him if he can find a club who will pay higher wages - such is the way of the world and loyalty is secondary in most players as they have to earn what they can, while they can.

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