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Forest Green are taking the p!ss

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1 hour ago, parkfieldowl14 said:

Julie Goodyear.😉

She's a reyt Battlax!!


(If you know, you know)

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On 09/06/2022 at 21:07, Ever the pessimist said:

I was at a wedding recently about 4 miles from where Forest Green play. It’s genuinely a tiny rural setting, found it hard to imagine an away day there.

The fact the nearest Wetherspoons is about 20 miles away will confuse the hell out of most Wednesday fans😂


If it deters the morons who only go to matches to get drunk then its no bad thing.

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On 11/06/2022 at 18:10, parkfieldowl14 said:

Just heard that our substitute has had to come off the pitch due to a slow puncture. WTF:



I thought akinfenwa had re-tyre- d? 

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