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2 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:

“Six home-based players in Ukraine XI - they have barely played a competitive game this year”

They also had to get special permission to leave the country to play the game. A few more are missing due to joining the armed forces. 

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As someone with Welsh family I am hoping that Ukraine win tonight, use up all their energy and Wales can get to a World Cup for the first time in my lifetime. Unpopular with many, but I am not fussed.  A much changed Welsh team looked good in spells against Poland earlier tonight.


BBC article earlier said all 24 major bookies in the UK had Scotland as favourites for tonight's game.

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17 minutes ago, Mr Mercury said:

To win this game tonight, Scotland are about as popular as Amber Heard is 

Remember this is the day you almost caught captain Jack Sparrow. 

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