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5 year ban for Kurt Zouma

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He will get 180 hours of youth football coaching or something else really cushy.


Doubt it will be litter picking next to a busy A road.

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Only 5 year ban he needs.  Is one from football.  He should never be allowed to own a pet.  If I was in charge of the justice system, he’d be looking at 10 years minimum in the poky.

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He got a £250k fine (still only 2 weeks wages) from West Ham, but only a slap on the wrist from the court.


When you think about it, what a strange industry football is, imagine if you commited a crime, outside of work, and got a far bigger fine from your employer than from the authorities. That said, some employers would have given the sack, but then they don't hold you as a multi million pound asset in the company. 

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