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More Qatar rubbish

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20 hours ago, Ever the pessimist said:

Probably the only good thing about staying in the 3rd tier is that we can concentrate on Wednesday still rather than the WC.


Definitely this, I think a good number of fans will still be following their own club and ignoring this farce.


I'll miss a summer tournament,  and I'll miss collecting the stickers, but in November and December I'll have better things to do than watch this. Previously I thought I wouldn't have the self control not to watch it, but as the months go by it's clear this isn't a real tournament and I don't give a monkeys if England get knocked out in the group stages or win the whole thing. 



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On 01/06/2022 at 11:57, mildatheart67 said:



Think I saw that  168 extra flights to neighbouring countries per day have been put on so ...they can go to hotel rooms there


Sounds super carbon neutral...

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I am sort of person who believes that politics should stay out of sport where possible.

But don't think it can at this World Cup.

Think the 1978 World Cup in Argentina was a bit controversial when the country was run by a military Junta but communications and the media were different than and England didn't qualify.


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