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National League Play-Offs

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Just now, horny owl said:

Unlucky Solihull they looked dangerous in patches


Didnt want Grimsby chavs to win but it was a good watch that


I don't like there Chav lot either. 


Odds on they'll be in our group in Papa John's Trophy group stage.

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Alex Hunt could have been playing in that final instead of the toxic situation at Oldham at the end of the season. Unless there were issues with his wage and who was paying it it just didn’t make sense to send him there. 

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Grimsby have made an extraordinary habit of late goals in this play-off campaign (lets remember that they actually had to - effectively - play-off to reach the play-offs if you get my drift). If I were a Grimsby fan I think I would remember this season for the rest of my life.


Congratulations to Grimsby, and also congratulations to their manager Paul Hurst - one of our own (even if he did play for Toytown).

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