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Top 10 SWFC Players of the last 10 years (Owlstalk Ratings)

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On 28/05/2022 at 16:32, Degryse14 said:

                                     K. Westwood


L. Buxton      S. Hutchinson       M. Hector       D. Pudil


R. Wallace          K. Lee          B. Bannan     F. Forestieri


                          S  Fletcher           L. Gregory


Buxton gets better since he hung up his boots

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Fernando Martin Forestieri. One of the most exciting players we’ve seen at S6 for many a year. Blessed with quick feet, poise, a rasping shot, a low centre of gravity and a kind of manic scampering energy to win the ball back.


We were never quite sure if he was an out-and-out striker, a second striker, a left winger or (if you’re Garry Monk) a left wing-back. But wherever he played he was capable of conjuring up some magic. Particularly in his glorious 15/16 season. Voted Man of the Match in 10 of his first 33 games for Wednesday (in which he also scored 15 goals, set up another 6 and got sent off twice). There was rarely a dull moment with Forestieri on the pitch.


Unfortunately, the magic of the 15/16 season would be glimpsed less and less in the following years. There was the Norwich incident at the start of 16/17. This turned some fans against him, and while he was still one of our better players in 16/17, an inconsistency crept into Forestieri’s game and he lost his automatic place in the line-up.


There were off-field issues (scraps with Winnall) and on-field ones (racism storm at Mansfield).


For the 2017/18 season the injuries struck. When he played he was excellent, but he only started 7 games. Then 2018/19 saw further managed decline – a handful of good performances and an incredible goal away at Norwich. But by now more of his games were off the bench and the tantrums were as frequent as the spectacular goals.


2019/20 was even worse. Garry Monk didn’t fancy him and injuries once again interrupted his flow. Things soured to such an extent that Monk opted not to renew his contract for the Covid-extended season. A career that started with such a bang ended with a whimper.


But that shouldn’t detract from those glorious early days. At his best, maybe he was the very best we've had post Premier League. For example, across the last 10 years, no other player has been rated at 9/10 or above more than 3 times in a whole career. Forestieri managed it 4 times in just his first 30 games. When he was good, he was very good.


So these brilliant moments and incredible first year have propelled him to number 7 in our list.



Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 21.49.23.png

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You probably weren’t expecting Lewis McGugan in this list. He’s remembered with regret, as a player who lost his appetite for the game. He faded out and spent the entire 2016-17 season on the sidelines in the Urby Emanuelson vortex.


But, for a time, when he was good, he was very good. In 2014-15, in a Stuart Gray team lacking in flair and creativity he burned brightly. In an initial month-long, 7-game loan spell in 2014 he established himself as one of our better players.


At the start of February 2015 he returned for an extended loan spell, and after a couple of appearances to regain match fitness, things really started to get a bit crazy:


The next 10 games he would be man of the match in 6 of the 10 games. A purplest of purple patches. He thrashed in long-range free-kicks against Derby and Blackpool and scored the opening goal in the win at Millwall. His best performance came at Rotherham, where he set up two of the goals, the 86th minute equaliser for Lavery and 93rd minute equaliser for Nuhiu with two pinpoint crosses (before Kieran Lee famously scored the winner in the 98th minute).


Even in the four games in this spell where he wasn’t man of the match he almost was (e.g. only 0.08 behind Chris Maguire for the loss at Blackburn).


Unsurprisingly, he won player of the month for February and for March.


This ten game stint was pretty much the best of what we saw of McGugan in a Wednesday shirt. Gray left soon after, and he never seemed to fit in Carlos Carvalhal’s plans. When he did play under Carlos he scored goals. But the starts became few and far between.


Still, in just 28 starts he scored 9 goals from midfield, many of them spectacular, and it is that 10-game purple patch that has really elevated him to number 6 in this list. Welcome, Lewis McGugan!



McGugan's 10 match purple-patch:


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