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Who are your top 3 Wednesday players POST 2000?

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4 minutes ago, Howmanyowls said:

We might have gone up if we had had 3 Gary Hoopers. Hopefully, only 2 would have been injured for the playoffs. 

If he hadn’t got injured in 2017.  We would have gone up.  FACT…

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1 minute ago, Howmanyowls said:

I agree. He knitted the forward line up together. Made space for Forestieri, Wallace and Lee with his movement. 

Before he signed for us, I’d always thought he just a goal poacher.  It was a pleasant surprise to see how good he was.  I loved watching him play.  By far the best player we’ve had this millennium.

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Bannan - Rarely injured and always looking to drag us through games. Quality player especially when given freedom to push forward.


Lee- Loved the energy and those late runs into the box. Never shirked a tackle and an intelligent passer of the ball. We missed immensely.


Forestieri- Just choose him over Hooper as he was the most skilful and exciting player we had in years. Defintely have a bit of a blind spot for him.

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