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We can't have another Hirst or Waddle till we're in the Premier League

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I agree with the fact that the game has changed and we couldn't have got a "Hirst" in the same manner as we did then. However, I still think we will see great footballers at Hillsborough but we need to at least get back into the Champoinship and establish ourselves as contenders, regain the ground we lost since 2016. Once that happens the OP's "We can't" becomes "Maybe, just maybe we could, possibly"


tl:dr; Keep the faith, you never know....

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9 hours ago, Yellowbelly said:

We don’t develop players any more anyway. There’s no pathway from the youth set up to the first team, we’re not even picking up many released young players from PL teams and developing them in our first team. Our whole set up - our plan - is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

To be fair we have tried to do that now and then but we've never managed to get many of them into the first team.


Thorniley was probably the best example of it, you'd hope Agbontohoma could potentially be one who might be able to break into the first team.

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