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SWFC are NOT signing Bradford captain

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2 hours ago, helmut_rooster said:



Last player we got from them wasn't too shabby.


At least he used to get the crowd on their feet with his crazy running at the defence.

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2 hours ago, Lawrie’s Left Peg said:

Could be a great new pinned thread, 

“Players we are definitely not signing”

25 pages at least

I’ll add a few more to keep the ball rolling


Christiano Ronaldo

Robert Lewandowski

Atdhe Nuhiu

Michael Mols

Ben 10
Derek Dooley

Roy Race

Hoopy the Huddle Hound


Barney McGrew,




George Hirst


All the above are no brainer non signings and anyone who doesn’t agree with me know nowt about owt. 

few thought we'd missed out on Mbappe then... the dreams still on...

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5 minutes ago, OWLERTON GHOST said:

Yes we signed him from Bradford ....

It was touch and go though nearly didn't capture his signature....

A classic case of "catch me if you can" 


Yeah, your joke is just basically gone south.


He signed from TNS.

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