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Name a SWFC player from the past who doesn't get enough respect or love

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10 hours ago, SiJ said:

Yep. Could guarantee you would disagree with that. 


I thought he was a better player than people gave him credit for. 


Our best run of the season in 2017 occurred with him in the team at the time. He was one of the few players who could play a defensive midfield role in a two. He was also one of the few players in the team with promotions to his name (I believe 3 in total). 


Compared to Abdi, he was the signing of the century. 

Still a terrible signing. 2.5m wasn’t it? 

His performance against the Blades at Hillsborough was very poor.

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Chris Turner i can still remember reading in the football program ,He was only a young lad himself 2 year older than me ,Interview with Chris what  would you be doing if you were not playing for wednesday ,His answer ,I would be stood on the Eastbank    with my mates supporting the Owls.

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Atdhe Nuhiu.

Great attitude, top bloke and a better player than some gave him credit for. 

Irrespective of how some perceived his ability he absolutely didn't deserve the vitriol, yes vitriol in many cases, that some aimed at him.




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13 hours ago, torryowl said:

poor old chris morris didnt get a lot ........think he's copped the most abuse of any wednesday player ive watched 

He came into team to replace Mel Sterland who was a legend, one of best right backs in country and because Morris wasn't as good some fans turned on him, he was a good footballer and went on to have a good career at Celtic.


There's other examples of this, Ian Nolan was brought in when Roland Nilsson left, he was never going to be as good as Roland but was a steady full back and could play either side of defence. 


Ian Taylor was another, signed to replace Carlton Palmer but fans soon disliked him after only a few appearances, went to Villa and was a very good midfielder who scored goals for them. 

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Yes, Ian Taylor is a good shout.


Imagine trying to fill the boots of Carlton Palmer.


It was an impossibkle task and we probably should have been more patient.

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Tommy Spurr - used to get pelters from

fans but should be dining out on that goal at the Lane.


Guy Whittingham - scored a winner at Anfield and was a far better player than given credit for.


Wim Jonk - was streets ahead of the squad at the time, had great vision, and often made passes that if the movement of other players was even half decent would have been dangerous.


Proper footballer. He was disliked because he didn’t run around like a headless chicken closing opponents down.

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13 hours ago, elyowl1 said:

Klas Ingersson on a hiding to nothing as a  replacement for Sheridan, went on to have a good career in Seria A as we gradually slipped away. 

See Pembridge and Magilton who also were highly unloved and underrated. 


Pembridge was just sheeeeiite mate. lol

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Frankie simek

Probably best fullback we've had this century 

Most people thought Lewis Buxton was better but Simek was quality 


If it wasn't for Injuries he'd have played in the Premier league 

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