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Who are your top 3 Wednesday players of all time?

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1 hour ago, Kualakidd said:

John beswetherick

Patrick blondeau 

Allen abdi💩

Don't recall him was he any good?

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1 Terry Curran

2 Roland Nilsson

3 Chris Waddle

Lots of other heroes though including Joicey, Potts, Sterland, Bannister, Varadi, Prendergast, Rodrigues, Peter Springett (never saw Ron), Hirst, Sheridan and many more!



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2 hours ago, DoesJackHunt said:

Kevin flipping Pressman ? 
did you not see Kieran Westwood? 


I did, but never live. Westwood was our most competent keeper I've seen, but Pressmen was the more entertaining to watch.

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1..By a country mile.....Nilsson class on grass

2..Lyons....ran out in front of kop clenched fist lets go

3..Di Canio....10 minutes ahead of all the team around him and on the day worth entrance money alone.


Got to mention

Waddle...West Ham home game.

Hirst...Man Utd home game

Francis....Towards the end....playing side only.

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12 hours ago, Waddles Big Toe said:

I suppose it depends on when you were born on who you may choose, but for me it goes like this.


1.Chris waddle

2.des walker

3.benito carbone 

How does anyone not include Roland Nilsson?

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