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Berahino Leaving

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51 minutes ago, Mike Hunt said:

He was worth a gamble but he isn’t and never will be prolific 

and that is what we should be aiming for 

easier said than done though 

Once upto fitness he scored 7 in 800 minutes.


That’s prolific.




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34 minutes ago, ZicoSterland2 said:

Totally agree think Neil is just chucking out some click bait.(Sure he also knows Hirst will never sign to comeback here while DC is in charge)



How is it clickbait?
It's a post - in a thread people are already in






Owlstalk Shop




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IF we have better lined up then great? Looks like forward planning for a change? However it might be the player’s decision to leave which he entitled to . Thought he looked good in some games awful in others, hit a bit of form towards end of season but disappeared at Sunderland when their cb gave him and Gregory nothing. Think we need a better more consistent player to partner Gregory if we aiming for top two. Let’s hope we have player/players lined up to improve us .

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1 hour ago, York_Owl said:

We carried him in the first leg. Too easily brushed off the ball.

We did. But we carried his replacement, Windass, in the second leg. As a natural striker, unlike Windass who gravitates  wide, we’d have had a partnership rather than leaving Gregory so isolated.


But who knows? He might have been hopeless too.


Anyway, he’s going. I hope above all that we start the season with 3 out and out strikers on the books. This last 3 seasons we’ve tried to fudge it with Windass, Paterson, Da Cruz, Kachunga….we need proper strikers, as Gregory has shown.

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Produced some decent performances but not that many in terms of the number of matches he played in. Too lightweight for L1 IMO. He's a better player now than when we signed him but I can understand why he's been released.

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On 20/05/2022 at 22:57, WhiteOwl91 said:

All depends on who walks through the door to replace him.


Have to assume the club and DM are confident they can improve, so maybe not a bad sign 


The returning Kachunga 😄

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