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Watching the Lg 1 playoff final?

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Just now, g-owls said:

It would probably be better for us if Sunderland get the win, but personally i don’t have anything against either Wycombe or Ainsworth.





I think it's in our interests if Sunderland go up tbh. There's enough "big" clubs down in League One already and we've got Derby joining us who might be a force if they get taken over. 


In saying that, I'd quite like to get "revenge" on Sunderland next season, though that's more to do with their knobhead manager than anything else. 

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Just now, Swfcsi said:

Hull brought more than Sunderland ,and there fans saying we will fill it 5 times over lol



they were given 46,500 tickets. They sold 46,500 tickets. They couldn’t sell any more as that’s all Wembley/EFL allowed. 

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Posted (edited)
1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

Got some good players have Sunderland 

Pritchard, Roberts, Stewart would improve us imo. 

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This is the key with Wycombe. 


Get that first goal and then see how they react. 


Can't just do their shitty low block and time wasting crap. 

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