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Burnley Leeds write to PL


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Regarding Everton ffp. Everton have made £375,000,000 loss over the last 5 years apparently £170,000,000 due to covid which would clear them from punishment as you’re allowed to have £105,000,000 of losses. Unbelievable Jeff.


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FFP only enforced in the EFL. Everton are part of the EPL establishment and can do what they want, certainly as far as Burnley and Leeds are concerned.


EPL about brands not clubs, Burnley fulfill their role as perennial cannon fodder and Leeds boring now Bielsa has gone. 


New cannon fodder incoming, Fulham and Bournemouth used to that role and presuming Forest go up, Lineker et al will have a new manager to w*nk over for a bit.

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