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Barry Bannon is a Celt

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31 minutes ago, Quickly Kevin said:

@pat blondeau is clearly bitter he didn't make it in the game so takes his anger out on footballers relaxing.

It doesn’t bother me that much either way.


Gave a view I don’t think it’s something you’d see a geniune winner and top pro doing within a few days of a bad defeat and failed season.


And I also don’t think you’d see a current top player or club captain of a big club getting involved on Twitter winding up another set of fans.

I know Ramsdale did it with us but that wasn’t particularly smart from him either and it’s backfired on him after Arsenal have lost their last two games since he gave the ‘banter’ out to Wednesday. 

And that’s that. It’s no big issue and if you disagree that’s fair enough 

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On 19/05/2022 at 19:40, bradowl said:


My guess is Celtic, proof that no one is perfect, even our Barry.  

No it doesn't I was just replying to this post, you suggesting he shouldn't support Celtic and myself pointing out why he could  ie league and Cup double is nearly perfect innit..

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