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3 minutes ago, Ever the pessimist said:

Nothing will happen, aside from him scoring a few brownie points with dem blades fans.

No different to the cockend who levelled sharp is it!!?? But like you said it will go unpunished no doubt 

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17 minutes ago, striker said:

Somewhere in a pub in S2 there is a middle aged bloke in a stained carbrini tracksuit top, slazenger tracksuit bottoms, shoes and Argos gold coloured jewellery, nursing a warm pint he's had since dinner time, constantly telling tales about how hard he was at school, wan*ing himself senseless over McBurnie, what a lad he is, a true blunt and his hero. 


You have accurately  described  the typical   United fan 

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Absolutely hate this guy. Just looking at him he looks like a piece of work. He’s achieved nothing but been rewarded financially, all he does is get lairy and seems to get away with it. Even Madine scored the odd goal. Took him a stint inside to grow up and he needs the same the absolute scrotum 

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Really fancies himself as the hard man hoolie. Had to laugh at him hobbling of the bench in the big boot when Hickingbottom shoved the ball into the forest player. 

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