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The SWFC Legends weekend that's just happened

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Just now, @owlstalk said:



I don't even own a single pair of shoes believe it or not

Just boots and trainers

I have one pair, that I bought 26 years ago, I wear them at funerals. 


All the rest of my footwear are either trainers, or Homer Simpson slippers. image.png.d265661b3545d476f0b0f86fb9bf0c47.png

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I took 2 of my grandsons ,tried to convince 1 what we saw in football but he was more interested in the mascots but myself and the other grandson thoroughly enjoyed it and i agree there should be more of these fun matches while raising money for charity

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Went to the match and had a great time. I do think Carbone just stole MOM though. His fitness and skill levels were amazing for his age. And a mention to Reda who never disappoints on the entertainment front.

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