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24 minutes ago, robowl4life said:

Exactly this!


Tell you now, if our first signing is some unknown Portuguese loads of step over type who’ll get decked by defenders just looking at him, we are proper fizzed!


I’m also coming round to the idea of wanting to keep Moore due to how he’s brought players in and tbh achieved 85pts. That first half of the season we’d assembled a whole new squad at least he knows the core of the team and they know him etc. 


F.uck Paxo the little weasel.

On the whole, the unknown Portuguese players haven’t been too bad for us, it’s the random Dutch, Romanian and Other Eastern European 2nd division players with 30second show reel of half chances I’m worried about. 😬

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Chansiri only needs two advisors.


Darren Moore & Liam Dooley. 

Moore tells Chansiri who it needs and why he needs them, Chansiri goes and tries to get them. 

Dooley tells Chansiri what needs to be done off the pitch and what improvements are needed, Chansiri needs to implement it.


If we fail on and off the pitch then Chansiri knows what and who the problem is and can rectify it. 


If Chansiri needs a personal advisor after being in charge 7 years then he needs to appoint a director of football to work with him - a footballing man or sell the club. 

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30 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:

Sow and Kamberi were Paixao signings...


We tried to sign them both the previous January. ☺️

Do you know that for a fact?

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2 minutes ago, Barnsleyowl1996 said:

Be interested to know how many signings this fella has had a say in and who were the players ? I don’t really know enough about what  hes done or contributed to over the years 

Most of here seem to know tbf. 

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We won’t have much money to spend so it can’t really be catastrophic like last time. If the type of recruiting changes wildly to last summer in terms of type of player then it’s a good barometer this summer of how he influences things or otherwise

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I've always felt Paixao has some form of financial investment in the club.  Whether he's helped fund DC to buy the club in the first place I don't know but I don't believe for one minute that he's merely an advisor.

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I figured he was still around, but had taken a backseat.


Wonder who is the source on this?


Probably Paxiao lol

Let's see what those first few signings are then. Tbf, it appeared Paxiao's scouting network extended as far as Watford.

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After seeing Alan Nixon’s Wednesday story on his Patreon, which you can subscribe to for a couple of a quid a month by clicking here, I knew that the line on Amadeu Paixao would cause a stir on #SWFC and beyond. So, as Amadeu was my chosen topic on Mastermind, I thought I would attempt to calm the nerves.

Last season, if you attended Wednesday games, you will have noticed that Amadeu wasn’t present most of the time. And, from what I understand, the reason for this is that in his role as a freelance football consultant, he’s been elsewhere, primarily in Europe. But, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on hand to assist SWFC if required.

Recruitment is massive in football, as everyone knows. And, you’re not every signing will be a hit. You’re aiming to get more right than you do wrong. But, how can you really know how a player will do until he’s in the door, training and playing? Who would have thought things wouldn’t have worked out for Lewis Wing at Wednesday, for example?

Personally, I feel Wednesday recruited well in the main last season. We brought players into the building who have Championship level experience under their belts, and some will more than hold their own in the league above. Again, my understanding is that the recruitment was led by Darren Moore and the in-house team, which includes David Downes.

If you know me and have read any of my previous articles, you know that I’d be telling you if there was a reason to be concerned about Amadeu. Neutrals in the football world have told me that he can be more of a help than a hindrance because of his contacts and the working relationships he has with clubs such as Chelsea and Wolves.

I think we did some good work last season, especially as we could only bring frees and loans. The blueprint is there, and while we may tweak things slightly, letting Darren lead the charge once again with those in the building is, and will be, the way to go. But, if Amadeu has the contacts and can connect us to clubs, whether it’s to secure a loan deal or whatever, then so be it.

I’d be the first to lose my head if I thought there was an issue here, but I assure you there isn’t. And, let’s face it, it’s League One. We won’t be chucking millions about on fees. And, because of the work we did last summer, we’re not going to be adding as many this time round.

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5 hours ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

Yeah just saying DM staying for next year and...... Paixao making a return to advisor's 😳

Not sure how you return when he never actually left.

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23 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:



Paixao also signed Dom Iorfa, Pelupessy and Andre Greene


Feck me, so a bloke responsible for signing Pelupessy, Greene, Sow and Kamberi has come back to oversee this summer's recruitment.  Stevie Wonder has a better eye for a player than Paixao.

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