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Next season away shirt

Next season away shirt  

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Like the all yellow kit with light blue shorts 


like the gold kit we had with purple stripes 


loved the black kit with yellow stripes 


and against most on here I really liked this seasons pink shirt 

I do like a good white kit too


infact under chansiri I think I’ve liked all his away shirts 








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3 hours ago, Leaping Lannys Perm said:

The current kits are still being sold at full price so we may well be finally using the kits for more than one season.


Potential good bit of PR if we do given the current cost of living situation and a great away kit to boot.

Ideal opportunity to go back to the system of keeping the kits for two seasons.


Just change one of the kits for next season, and in future keep the strips for two seasons, changing home and away kits on alternate years.


Would make things a little easier on the parents pockets.






P.S.  Yellow away next season for me........


         Or black???


         Errr...Or yellow and black????



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Yellow with stripes for me, love that shirt in the 90's with the old badge for me too, oh and Sanderson electronic as sponsor instead of DC name every where. Be nice to have a real company with employees, that sell things and actually trading.😁😁


poor old Alman Abdi is the only man in history to get an actual DTaxi and no one seen or heard from him in years. WTF:

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I've really liked the last two, shame this year's has sold out. Like to buy them when the price comes down to add to the collection. Don't like paying full price because I never wear them. Don't mind particularly about the colour, it's all about the design for me, I think football shirts are generally nicer when they're predominately one colour, which is why I rarely like the home shirts. The orange one in the 90s, the white anniversary from a few seasons ago and the last 2 are probably my favourites.


@GermanBird Not sure if you've seen this but we had a poll on the best/worst away shirts last year. 



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