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Callum Paterson

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8 minutes ago, No Uniform said:

There was talks about us going to contract discussions with him, but Moore said there was not much priority as we had a year option. Similar with Beharino


Turns out it's not an option with Paterson - it's a guaranteed extra year. So there's nothing to exercise.

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10 minutes ago, elyowl1 said:

Nothing against him per se, but given his lack of game time would have preferred him to have moved on and his wages used on starters. 

Pretty sure his wages are a fair size for a League 1 utility squad player. 


If you're talking about the 10,000 a week wage that keeps getting mentioned online, he's on nowhere near that.

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Nothing personally against him, seems a good character and can't fault his effort, but I genuinely don't see what he brings to the party from a footballing perspective. 


I know Moore likes a versatile player, but wish we'd find a position for him so he can contribute something, other than running around and giving absolutely stupid fouls away. 


There is a player in him, where on the pitch that is, I have no idea. 



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2 minutes ago, Screen Door Slams said:

Sure I heard somewhere that Cardiff were subsidising his wages but that now ends.


Just said in another thread that it makes no sense to me to keep a player on champ wages who can`t get into a league 1 team.

He'll have had a clause in his contract so his wages came down 20-30% when relegated, and probably another 5% upon failure to gain promotion 

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1 minute ago, Screen Door Slams said:


Maybe so.................I would reduce them by 100 % and not take up the option of a further year.

That would only be possible if it was an option.  It’s been confirmed that he has another year on his contract.

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