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15 senior players due to leave SWFC

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Mass paterson Hutchinson Palmer hunt and dunkley can all leave imo 


Alot of money there that can be spent better 


We need to cut the costs and the players above are either passed it ,not good enough or too high wages 


Get some young hungry players in who want to succeed and win 



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I’m pretty relaxed about the situation. Loan players are always due back at there clubs at the end of the season. That’s what defines it as a loan! If we can get Dean and maybe Storey back great, but if not there will be other loanees available, there always are. 

On the players out of contract I’ll be surprised if we don’t extend Hunts contract and it’s a bit of a shame Luongo will leave just when he’s fit and seems past his injury but beyond that I don’t think any of the players in question make a material difference to the squad. 

The only player who my head says let go and my heart says keep is Hutch. I like him even though he’s probably not going to play enough games to be worth keeping. Maybe if we get Dean to stay then let him go. If we are using young CBs then maybe keep for his experience. 

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2 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


Fifteen senior players are due to leave this summer due to contracts or loans being up


Thats massive and leaves a huge headache to sort out 

In my opinion that was always going to be the case, we will be left with a good core of players that DM can build on ! Hopefully we will have a bit of money to spend in a the summer, so we can cut down on the amount of loans we bring in. 
 In my opinion that’s one of the main reasons we fell short this season. #uto 

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1 hour ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


Out of contract:











Returning loans:










Thought Liam Palmer had another season left?.

I wouldm offer new contracts to:





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