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Hillsborough Improvements

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8 hours ago, Since 1971 said:

I loved the ground. Hillsborough has always been part of Sheffield Wednesday for me.


It's in my soul and always will be.


By the age of 16 I'd stood and sat in every section except the directors box. Even the Lep terrace.

The walk to the ground, seeing the floodlights as we approached, anticipation and excitement.

I used to sit on the uncovered kop at half one when they opened the gates and admire the stadium as it filled up. I was so proud of the ground, the status, the flags on the North Stand, the finest example of a cantilever structure in Europe. The semi-final venue.

55,000 capacity at one stage in the late 70s and more seats (23,250) than any venue in the country outside of Wembley.

Some of us used to go to away games and sing "What a fxxkin shxtty ground". And that was every away game, even when we got back in the top league and went to Goodison, White Hart Lane etc.


There's no doubt the eighties board were tight. Sir Howard may well have won us the title if he'd been funded in any decent way. But I struggle to agree with an earlier post that they did the kop on the cheap. No one was complaining when they extended the terrace and put a roof on it at a cost of £1 million. Yes, a significant chunk of that £1m came from grants, but not only covering it but extending it as well was stunning at the time. The missed opportunity and ******** up came in the early nineties, a different, easier spending board who simply reprofiled the terracing and bolted seats onto it and behind pillars. That's when the whole earth bank should have been removed and a new stand built with capacity for concourse facilities.


One of the worst days of my life 15 April 1989. 


Hillsborough has never been the same for me since. I know others may not agree and that's fine. I envy you. I know there are now many fans at Hillsborough and at other clubs who weren't born and don't remember that one dreadful, sunny day. 


Hillsborough still excites me. Blimey, the team even occasionally make me forget. But it's sadly still there. If we stay, the West stand has to go. In my view it should have gone a long, long time ago. Redeveloped for something new, different, cheap or expensive, but respectful.


I know we've spent money changing the South stand and covering the kop but the West stand was the last new stand built at Hillsborough. And that was 1965. We haven't built a new stand in nearly 60 years.


In the last 30 years, every club in the league except us and QPR has built at least one new stand. QPR last built a new stand in 1981.

38 clubs have built a new ground in that time. That's nearly half the league.


It shows how far we have fallen behind. 


We don't have the money, but if we did. Clear the West stand,  build something that fits with the North and wraps round to join it in the North West corner. Remove the kop and earth banking and do what should have been done in the early nineties. Free up space behind the North stand for concourse and access. They did a good job of the South stand ahead of Euro96 but it's facilities are a quarter of a century out of date.


We haven't built a new stand for almost 60 years FFS.


Top post fella and totally agree with your views on the west stand. UTO 

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On 12/05/2022 at 11:23, owls maniac said:

Repaint the Kop and North Stand exterior. 

Repaint top of Presto Stand. 

Flags back on the North Stand poles. 

Fan park in Hillsborough park 


Replacement of faded blue seats


Thats enough to be going on lol 

I agree mate hate the idea of knocking things down and modernising everything I love the old feel of Hillsborough and I feel the ground will lose its personality if we just make it into a fishbowl type ground. Renovations not replacements!

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3 hours ago, DoesJackHunt said:

Knock it all down and re build an enclosed stadium with safe standing, steep sides, 2 big screens, better hospitality areas, wide and welcoming concourses and those cool beer pumps that fill your pint up from the bottom. 
Re name it - The Chansiri Bowl. 


To be affectionately nicknamed 'the Chan Siro'.



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On 12/05/2022 at 10:22, WBridgfordowl said:

Where would the money come from, we’re losing millions and millions from our day to day business?




We don't own the ground, DC does, we just rent it so presumably money spent on the ground by DC do not count as part of ffp?

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