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This Friday night at Hillsborough

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THIS FRIDAY NIGHT - Friday 13 May, Hillsborough will host ‘An Evening with the Legends’ in the 1867 Lounge.


Presented by BBC Radio Sheffield’s Rob Staton, the first event will take in a Q&A with the players who are taking part in the Legends Match on Saturday, pie and peas supper, photo opportunities, unique prize auction, a magician and more!

The event is now sold out BUT  NOTE - I have booked a table for Owlstalk and would like to invite a few people from here to join us as my guest to enjoy this event and to have a great evening.

I'm not sure the best way to go about deciding who gets the tickets though - anyone got any ideas? (obvs needs to be done quickly as it's this Friday!)




Owlstalk Shop




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Not sure if you have the date on most likes or contributions to the site maybe start there 


or just do a random selection from your members list 


or get the first few to PM you 


or run a mini quiz 



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If you have a table of ten , ask people to nominate themselves on here and then do a random draw from those who want to go.

If you start just randomly selecting members many won't be able to/ or can't go.

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Two suggestions:


1. Leave the whole table empty as a tribute to our lovely friends from SAG. Drape a Wednesday beach towel over each empty chair to add that extra touch of a genuine matchday experience.


2. Split the invite between Owlstalk's most ferocious anti-Part Timers and some complete randomers from the 'I've never had the slightest interest in football but I love a free pie and peas supper' Facebook Group and watch them go hammer and tongs at each other all evening!


In all honesty though, I'd steer well clear of inviting anyone off here; they're all completely bonkers - especially you, your other you's, and your other you's you's!  "Table for one? Right this way sir."



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