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3 at the back works but you need the right players. We didn’t have much pace in the 3 against Sunderland so they sat deep and this meant the gaps were bigger to midfield and then attack.

If you have an Iorfa and another with pace you can push the game 5-10 yards further up the pitch and are more cohesive as a unit.

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Just now, SiJ said:

Well, it did get us into the play offs. 


Did you expect him to change his preferred system just for the play offs? 


Perhaps get back to me when you've stop spitting your dummy out. 

Playoffs are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. They don’t mean jack sh*t unless you see it through.


We under achieved all season no question, against some beyond mediocre opposition, especially away.


I didn’t expect him to change anything for the play offs, but he consistently made bizarre tactical decisions throughout the season that cost us dearly.




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4 hours ago, StudentOwl said:

He sticks so dramatically to "his system" that he changed it entirely about 15 games in.


Honestly I think some people just say words hoping no-one notices the sentence constructed makes no sense.

Does anyone remember which game he changed to 352? I don’t.


Worth pointing out though


1st 12 games - we scored 11 goals

last 34 games - we scored 67 goals


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4 hours ago, bigthinrob said:

Just another manager who thinks he has all the answers and sticks dogmatically to his preferred format regardless of how things unfold and what the player’s strengths are!

Not true.

His preferred system was 4-2-3-1, it didn't work or suit us so he switched to 3-5-2

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2 hours ago, oneeyedmilkman said:

As sad a sentence as this is...here goes. We haven't had a capable left back since Morgan fox. 


I've just spat my drink out.


Ye Gods.

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