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Nothing to see here really
Just one fan in all honesty 

And one fan that's trying to drop a 🚨 WAGE BILL ALERT 🚨 on the internet 

Cos we don't get enough of those do we - we need more people trying to use the wages as some sort of thunderous success stick

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1 minute ago, SwellOwl said:


I think we should be asking why a fan is attacking our captain when we have just lost a play-off semi final?

You can’t control what people think though nor can you stop them saying it. We can’t silence people through disapproval. Unless he said something discriminatory there’s nothing that can be done, what he’s said there is an opinion and it’s incorrect to most people but you can’t stop it.


The only thing Bannan can control is himself and that means not going on there, particularly after losing a big game as you know what some people will be saying.

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3 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



Tagging the player into that message after that result is like going up to someone who's mum has just passed away and saying 'I really like you but your mums dead and maybe she would have lived longer if you'd have loved her more'

No it isn't. 


Not even close.


Football is just a game.

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Just now, Kevin Pressmans Pen said:

what he’s said there is an opinion

I think the bit that’s riled Bannan is the wages part. 

Bannan could ask ‘Stevie’ his wages compared to his achievements and then rag on him for it. 

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