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Man of the Match & Player Ratings vs Sunderland (H) - Play-Off Semi Special

Man of the Match & Player Ratings vs Sunderland (H)  

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  1. 1. Man of the Match?

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Storey
    • Dean
    • Hutchinson
    • Hunt
    • Johnson
    • Luongo
    • Byers
    • Bannan
    • Windass
    • Gregory
    • Palmer
    • Mendez-Laing
    • Paterson
    • Berahino

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BPF - 6

Poor kicking in the first half.  Better in the second.  Not much to do. 

Hunt - 7

Decent enough and got forward.  Goal came from right side when he departed. 

Storey - 5

At fault for the goal as he let his man get past him.  Outmuscled but was ok in spells.  

Dean - 8

Won almost everything.  Good game and some crunching tackles. 

Hutchinson - 6

Hit and miss.  He’s lost a step and time to retire. 

Johnson - 7

Defended well and some great crosses including the assist.  Didn’t get at them as much as needed. 

Luongo - 6

Off the pace a bit.  Not great passing at crucial moments but came alive in the second half with tackling. 

Byers - 6

Mostly anonymous and some poor passes.  

Bannan - 7

Gorgeous reverse thru ball before the goal.  Some terrible long balls to no one but grew into the game.  

Gregory - 8

Got his goal.  Struggled to hold the ball up but that got better as things went on.  Nice link up play. 

Windass - 7

A threat at times but more effective when he drops deep and drives forward.  Didn’t do that enough (tactics?)


Palmer - 7

Solid at the back mostly and some good runs forward. 

NML - 5

Delays the pass all the time.  Just pass and move Ffs. 

Paterson - 7

Needed him on sooner.  His type of game and he put us on the front foot with his physicality. 

Berahino - 5

Not enough time tbh but couldn’t make an impact. 

Moore - 7

Good tactics but late with the subs. NML for Hunt was a killer.  

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Dean and Gregory for me. Midfield 3 all off their game, or not allowed to play it. Lumping it up to Gregory surrounded by 2 giants was ridiculous but seemed our only option at times but there was no one within touching distance for the second ball. Just not good enough.

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BPF 6 

Distribution was poor but otherwise didn’t have much to do.


Storey 6 

Battled away but (unsurprisingly) he’s another L1 defender who is uncomfortable when rolling it round the back. 

Dean 7 

Grew into the game. Just a shame we hadn’t got him a bit more match fit. 

Hutch 6 

Solid enough but just lacked a little edge. 

Hunt 5

Pinned back by the tactics of both managers, couldn’t get into the game. 

Johnson 6

Lovely assist but again struggled with the match tactics. 

Luongo 4

Looked shattered most of the two games. Maybe wasn’t fit? Sad way to end for a good player. 

Byers 5 

Tried to get a bit more involved but game seemed to be happening a yard too quick. 

Bannan 6

Suffered due to Luongo and Byers being unable to get the ball to him. One moment of quality created the goal. Looked like a man playing through the pain barrier too. 

Windass 5

Rolled the dice with him but looked every bit a player just coming from injury. Tried hard so hard to knock too much. 

Gregory 8

A terrific strikers performance, battled hard against tough centre backs, took his goal well, and fed off scraps. We’ll do well to keep him next season. 


Palmer 6

Would have to watch the goal back at some point to see if was at fault, but generally thought he looked solid. 

Paterson 7

Good hustle, seemed to open things up a bit more. Should have come on sooner. 


Shadow of the player he was when signed. Poor decision making at both ends of pitch cost us. 

Berahino 5

Not on long enough to really comment. 

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Posted (edited)

BPF - 6, didn’t have a save to make really,  unlucky with the goal.


Hunt - 6, great energy up and down all night but I think he’s lost a step and just doesn’t seem to get past his man like he used to 


Hutchinson - 7, very up for it got stuck in all night and left it all out there, made 2 big blocks in the first half


Dean - 7, same as Hutch up for the game and felt like he won everything 


Storey - 6, thought he played well until the last 20 minutes, did look abit nervy on the ball throughout 


Johnson - 7, our best attacking outlet all game we just couldn’t get him on the ball with space enough 


Luongo - 6, we need a player like Luongo in the team but he just isn’t good enough on the ball going forward. Did win the ball back and make a few big tackles but too careless in possession in their half 


Byers - 5, passenger really couldn’t get involved in the game like he usually does, the Sunderland high press left him chasing the game - made a shocking decision to shoot late game when he could have played NML in


Bannan - 5, marked out the game once again his passing was off and didn’t get on the ball enough to make an impact. Both times he found space in the final third we scored and Windass went through on goal - but it didn’t happen enough. Needed to drop deeper for me, DM’s tactics didn’t help Bannan at all. Harsh but big games need your big players and over 2 legs he just wasn’t involved (also didn’t look 100% fit but you can’t blame him!!!)


Windass - 6, clearly not match fit but was a threat on the last man and we’ve missed his pace all season. Felt he offered more than Berahino would have, but if we were planning to play long ball for 90 minutes why didn’t we start Pato?!


Gregory MOTM - 8, ran his socks off and won everything he could in the air, limited to 1 half chance and put it away. Linked up play well we just couldn’t create anything for him to capitalise. 

DM - 3, We were completely out coached over these two legs. Alex Neil knew exactly how to shut us down, man mark Bannan out the game and high press to force us to go long, we didn’t show enough confidence or willing to even try to play out the back. I think we have the better team we just couldn’t show it.


We didn’t deserve to go though, disappointed we couldn’t adjust after the first game and I’m surprised how DM let the same thing happen again. 


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Not for the first time, Darren Moore was tactically out thought by the opponents manager.

Think the 1 goal loss up there badly affected us,  everything was hurried and we couldn't get midfield going which can be strong point.


BPF.                   6


Hutchinson.      6.5

Dean.                 6

Storey                6


Johnson.           6

Bannan.             6

Luongo.             5.5

Byers.                 5

Hunt.                  5.5


Gregory.             7.5

Windass.            6


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A strange feeling of fatalism struck me near the end of the first half and I could tell it wasn't going to be our night somehow (I know, that's part of being a Wednesday fan, but it was particularly strong tonight). Sunderland played well, and our midfield seemed tired by the end. Our best chance was to hit them again soon after our first goal, but we never really built up a head of stream and they took the momentum out of the game. I think if Sunderland had missed that chance in the 92nd minute, extra time might still have been a step too far. I can't mark the players too harshly though.


Peacock-Farrell: 7 - not a lot to do.

Storey: 5 - biggest disappointment for me, seemed tentative on a few occasions and allowed the cross too easily near the end.

Dean: 7 - good battle with Stewart, who didn't get too much of a sniff

Hutchinson: 7 - battler to the end, I hope his Wednesday career doesn't end like that

Hunt: 7.5 - up and down the right flank all night. Shouldn't have taken him off.

Johnson: 7.5 - Quality. Great ball in for the goal and he is one of our key men now.

Luongo: 7 - Put his foot in as usual, but, recurring theme here, should have used the ball better. His last game for us?

Byers: 7 - Chopped down, and seemed to be struggling at points in the second half, but kept battling away.

Bannan: 7 - Glorious pass to release Johnson. O'Nien followed him everywhere, shame he was lacking that extra 10% of full fitness.

Windass: 6.5 - Good effort for someone out for a while, but never managed to hurt them.

Gregory: 7.5 - MoM. Great battle with Batth. Really put himself about, especially in the second half. Hope and pray his legs last another year or two.


Palmer: 6 - Tough match to be pitched in to. Could he have beaten Roberts to that cross? Possibly, but it was a great run.

Paterson: 6 - Usual good leaps but didn't meaningfully win the ball or add to our attacks.

Mendez-Laing: 6 - Understand the theory in him running at tired legs, but it didn't quite happen

Berahino: 6 - Wish that sliced cross near the end had been a few yards further to the right.

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Storey 5 have said before his lack of pace can be costly, especially in channels vs wingers. Ok in a 2 or middle of a 3 but very vulnerable in channels and vs any kind of pace, thats 4 times hes been run at that led to goals, this being most costly. A 70% fit iorfa easily stops that imo

Dean  6

Hutch 6


Hunt 6

Byers 6

Luongo 6

Bannan 7 great pass for assist yet again

Johnson 7 good assist


Gregory.             7.5 

Windass.            6


Nml 4 dire decision making

Pato 5 

Palmer 4 why an experienced pro didnt bother to check his shoulder in the dying minutes of a massive game is beyond me, massive schoolboy error.


Players have given their all this season  bar odd lapses so no complaints with effort. Think we would have gone straight up with a fit luongo, windass and iorfa for most of season.


However its a fairly old squad now so need some more pace and energy throughout squad including on both flanks, midfield and upfront!

Also need at least 1 pacy cb if iorfa goes if playing a 3. 


Lg1 was tougher than we possibly thought and might be even tougher next season, DM took us down and doubt he can take us up, Mandaric made a manager change to get us up last time despite megson not being far off, and to get up we need a fast start not a good half season imo

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2 hours ago, doubleo said:

Dean and Gregory for me. Midfield 3 all off their game, or not allowed to play it. Lumping it up to Gregory surrounded by 2 giants was ridiculous but seemed our only option at times but there was no one within touching distance for the second ball. Just not good enough.

Exactly, it looked like we only had one up front Gregory had no support at all

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BPF 5 - did nowt and could have saved their goal

Hunt 5 - looked like he was crying

Palmer 6 - bit better

Dean 5 

Hutch 6 

Storey 5

Luongo 3 - really crap

Byers 4 - crap

Bannan 7 - just for the defence splitting pass that resulted in a goal gets him 2 extra points

Gregory 7 - for his goal

Windass 6 - at least he tried

Johnson 5 

Mendez Laing 1 just for turning up but was utter shyte

Paterson 6

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BPF.                   6


Hutchinson.      8

Dean.                 7

Storey                6


Johnson.           6

Bannan.             5

Luongo.             6

Byers.                 6

Hunt.                  6


Gregory.             8

Windass.            7


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Sadly very difficult to choose. We weren’t awful, but nobody played really well.


Went for Bannan for the two moments of defence-splitting for Windass’ air-shot/pen shout and our goal.


BPF.                   7


Hutchinson.      6

Dean.                 7

Storey                5.5


Johnson.           7

Bannan.             7.5

Luongo.             6

Byers.                 5

Hunt.                  6


Gregory.             7

Windass.            6


Paterson 5.5


Palmer 5.5

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BPF.                   5 - Poor distribution and put the defence under unnecessary pressure with some of his short balls


Hutchinson.      7 - Read the game well and could not fault his effort, wasn't going off on a stretcher 😀

Dean.                 7

Storey                5 - Suspect for the goal


Johnson.           7 - better second half

Bannan.             7

Luongo.             5 - breaks play up well but creates very little and gives the ball away too often

Byers.                 6

Hunt.                  6 Not recaptured the form from a few weeks ago.


Gregory.             8 - Ran his blood to water

Windass.            6 - Rusty but a gamble worth trying


Palmer               5 Switched off for the goal

NML                   5 No end product - a poor man's JJ

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2 hours ago, Five Archers said:

Exactly, it looked like we only had one up front Gregory had no support at all

Windass isn’t a striker. His partner will always be isolated.

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