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Sick and tired

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1 hour ago, Athelwulf said:


Yes, but those freebies and loans are coveted by many other managers in this division.


Messi and Ronaldo could be freebies or on loan...if you could afford their wages.


Just because a player is a freebie or a loan doesn't mean that he's bobbar.


We've got them because we can afford them when many other managers in this league can't.


As an interviewer said to one of MK's players at Easter after the game; "You've come up against arguably the strongest squad in the division today".


We need to get away from the idea that this is a poo squad lucky not to be fighting relegation.


It simply isn't true.

I never implied they were poo in the slightest. Simply a fact that they were free.


I'd anything we ended up with one of the strongest squads in the league once everyone was firing.


They were free agents that no one else wanted or were drawn to Darren Moore.

If they are indeed coveted by other clubs it means they've proved their fitness and ability with us.




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