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Can’t defend that! In fact, just can’t defend!

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Let’s be honest, the better side won over the two legs. We can slag Moore off all we like but at some point in a big game over the last 5 years the players have to turn up.

There has been a better attitude this season but when push comes to shove we have been found wanting again. Tactics weren’t great over the two legs but more importantly silly errors have cost us and even after we scored tonight we didn’t really go for it.

Not sure where we go from here? Only really got excited tonight shouting at the ref. Totally gutted but not really surprised and already looking forward to Forest Green, Bristol Rovers and Exeter next year all within an hour or so. 

.****ing love ‘em, ****ing hate ‘em at times but still wouldn’t ****ing swap ‘em.

aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh….. so Wednesday!

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We didn’t manage the game well at 1-0.

We carried on playing like a side chasing the game. Harlee Dean was bombing up, we left space down the sides. 



We left too much space at the end. We didn’t make Sunderland work for their goal at all. 

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