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Back Darren Moore

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2 hours ago, parajack said:

And we are a Fivision lower after being relegated and failing to achieve an automatic promotion spot not arching a play off Final. Your graphs don’t show that do they? 


They weren't supposed to show that. They show the relative trajectories of team/management performance over a set period of time, illustrating that now would most likely be a stupid time to sack the manager. I even made them nice and colourful so they'd be clear and easy to understand.

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4 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


Let me repeat myself...


The overnight genius of Neil was so good that he'd been out of work for almost a year. Hardly a surprise given that he was asked to leave Preston following them being  an underwhelming 11th and 16th in the Championship. Since going to Sunderland, their record has been a tiny fraction WORSE than our's. And even though we were well below par and played into his hands, he still needed an injury time goal to squeeze by us. What if we had actually mustered an earlier goal last night? What price your master tactician then? The fine margins of football.


I just don't get the psychological need that some people seem to have to distort reality like this, no matter how many times the illusion is introduced.


I've never said that Neil is a genius or a master tactician, I've just said that he's better than our manager.


How long had Dave Jones been out of work when he came here?


Both he and Neil had been successful at a much higher level than this and probably were only prepared to drop to this level for certain clubs.


Preston are in a higher division than us, and how a manager does is also linked to the players he has.


Unless we put Moore in charge of exactly the same Preston team in the Championship it's impossible to make comparisons.


Sunderland's record may be a tiny fraction worse than ours since he's been there, but our players are different to Sunderland's and we've played different teams at different times.


So I don't see how you can compare the two managers that way.


In a head-to-head there was clearly only one winner.


The margins weren't fine, DJ, because we were rubbish.


We were below par because he stopped us playing in both games, and there's no evidence that we'd learned anything from the first game either.


Your opinion is as valid as mine and I respect it, but to my mind we were outthought.



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