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So..what do we need for next season

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I wouldn’t keep anyone but bannan 


Gregory maybe but I bet we could sell him and get a 20+ goal a season striker 

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All the old guard needs throwing out 


Bannan ,Hutchison and mas all need replacing for hungry players willing to win 


All 3 aren't up to winning as their time he shows 


Thanks for your services 


But we seriously need to move on from them 

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9 minutes ago, gingerknob1 said:

A new bannan to replace the departing one 

I want him to go, for his sake and ours. 

He’s probably the most talented, committed but least successful player I can think of. 

Go and play for a mid table Champ team Barry, you go with my respect. 

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We just need to play the way we did after the first 15 games. League 1 starts with two big strong centre halves who can stay fit. And……as per my post following the Hull loss and every season since, we need more athleticism in the team. Sunderland didn’t have a Bannan, but they ran us off the park in both games, dominating the second ball. Byers and Luongo did very little in both games. 

We know the issues. Patterson and kamberi are not good enough. Iorfa, luongo, Dunkley, Windass are massively injury prone. Left centre half. Two new keepers, given BPF will go.


Gregory, hunt, Johnson have been positives. Fizz, Byers and Bera have done well in patches.  Bannan will need to be resolved asap.

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Few tweaks here and there and hit the ground running. We have come a long way but the trajectory is bang on.


if only we could keep Luongo, Iorfa, Gregory and Windass fit me t would be a start 

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Evolution not revaluation. 








All end their loans 


Offload Sow, Paterson 


Luongo will be off. Maybe NML. 


Bring in 3 new centre halfs (Storey hopefully) 

New LB




Ideally those signed will be 24 and under to help revitalise the squad 

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, Hamakua Pueo said:

Lock down Darren Moore to a long term contract.

Just put a full stop after ‘lock down Darren Moore’ and you’ve hit the nail on the head!

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