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Heres's tonight's SWFC starting lineup - thoughts?

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1 minute ago, Suzuki_San said:

Praise Waddle BPF is starting, I hope Baz is fit, Berahino deserved to be dropped, Hunt is the better option at home (although Palmer was great last game).


The End.  



100%. I'm sure that Palmer away and Hunt at home was always the plan. Hunt plays a high energy game and hopefully he'll  be fully energised for tonight. I reckon Bannan IS fully fit. Bar Luongo, all our midfield was a step behind a home crowd energised Sunderland on Friday. 

Fingers crossed!

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6 minutes ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

Strongest 11 on paper, bit worried about Johnson's form and bannan fitness 😳


Johsons flits in and out of form, so let's hope he's back on it tonight.  Can't see anyone else playing there bar NML, who is better on the right and better as a sub, IMO.  

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5 minutes ago, owlandished said:

Windass and Gregory - a lot will depend on how well they sync 

Gregory just needs to play his normal game, I’m sure Windass is experienced enough to work around his runs and grab us a goal.


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