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Name these three SWFC characters

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4 hours ago, Staffordshireowls said:

Is this from the early 70s when Swann and Layne were re-signed after their betting ban?


It will be 1973, when following it's pre season Swan made his comeback first home game v Fulham.


Match I missed 'cus I got invited to a fkin wedding. Only other at home since '63 was after I'd been under t' knife 6 years ago.

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Worked with some Sunderland fans...and a few barcodes when Meadowhall was built.

Looking for digs, I directed em to Bronco's pub.


They loved it...all football nuts.

The older ones knew all about the betting scandal.


One of em offered Bronco a fair wedge for the pic of him and Pele.


Bronco (Dave) said...soz I cannot be bought.

Funny, suppose you had to be there...



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